Monday, October 8, 2012

Game of the Generals – A Filipino-Invented game

In the 1970’s, the late Pasola invented the board game – the Game of the Generals,  also called simply as GG or Salpakan to afficionadoes and players. Pasola provided the vision for the game and also organized tournaments such as the Game of the Generals Inter-club Annual National Tournament (GGIANT).
Shown is a photo of the trophy won by the Bigat-Isip GG team in one of the game of the generals tournaments in its early years (ie, 1970s).

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures. Credits to the owner.

The Game of the Generals

Also called Salpakan in Tagalog, and GG as it is most fondly called, or simply The Generals, is an educational war-game invented in the Philippines by Sofronio H. Pasola, Jr. in 1970.
  • It is designed for two players, each controlling an army, and a neutral arbiter or an adjutant.
  • It stimulates armies at war trying to outflank and outmaneuver each other
  • It can be played within twenty to thirty minutes
  • It needs the use of logic.

  • To eliminate or capture the flag of the opponent
  • To maneuver own flag to the other end of the board where it lands to a space with no enemy piece/s beside it

  • 1 Game Board
  • 21 Pieces

  • Any lower ranks can be beaten by higher ranks, except as to spy who can beat anyone except privates.
  • SPY can be beaten ONLY by PRIVATES and with a SPY opponent.
  • Just in case both  pieces or officials have the same ranks/positions clash or engage in a battle, both of them are defeated.
  •  You can arrange the pieces the way you want them to, i.e. according to your strategy or preferences.
  • You may use bluffs/psychowar. This is one of the spices of this game.

End of the Game
  • when a flag is captured
  • when a flag reaches the other side of the board
  • when players agree to have a draw
  • when a player withdraws